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Article askemily anal sex

article askemily anal sex

Given how much we write about the topic here at VICE, you'd think the basics of anal sex were well understood both in and out of the office.
How can I get my partner to have anal sex?” Dr. Emily Morse gives us the low down on anal sex.
Share this article. By sex-with-emily Sending Off Anal Sex Month with a Bang! Today we say goodbye to Anal Sex Month and welcome a new era. We hope.

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Are you sex deprived if you just skip it? Our Preferred Retailers Tags advice. Continue Reading Anal sex month is officially upon us! Open the back door to your anal arousal and learn how to reach new sexual highs with this all-you-need-to-know guide to anal pleasure! Support our Partners Facebook. Cowgirls, Take it Away: How to Rock On Top.
Wits - Julia Sweeney "Sex Ed." Monologue NOT YOU… Unless you ask. Anal sex month is officially upon us! Read more: When Ass Eating Goes Wrong Speaking of, is there always poop? The more relaxed it is the more open. It's actually relaxing the anus. Contact Subscribe Advertise with Emily. MUSIC The Weeknd's opening night was an orgasmic crowd pleaser.