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Blood after gay anal sex is this normal

blood after gay anal sex is this normal

So i had gay anal sex we're both clean but i started bleeding from my butt (i was bottom) i was wondering if i'm gonna get an std because of the bleeding?.
ex boyfriend had anal sex today, and I was bleeding a little bit after. color which may indicate something else then I would say you're ok. graphic: has anyone experienced gas after anal sex?.
I've been in a same-sex relationship for four years now. he can take before, at the onset, or after anal sex to prevent his anus from bleeding?. blood after gay anal sex is this normal Gay Men Inflicted with Oral/Esophagus Cancer in Record Numbers After Oral Sex

Blood after gay anal sex is this normal - ganger kaller

Every time you have anal sex there is a very high chance of small tears in the rectum that occur and this is how HIV is transferred. The Importance of Yearly Checkups High Blood Pressure Can Be Controlled. Mark works at Milwaukee Health Services Inc. Med Help International, Inc. That being said by the sound of it you probably wouldn't need to see a doctor. I think this comment violates the Terms of Service. We have just started anal and enjoy it. Is bleeding after anal sex normal? Original poster: Well this is embarrassing but I noticed it a little bit on some toilet paper after because I was not fully clean, and I noticed just a tiny bit of it on the toilet paper. HIV and Legal Issues. Our problem is that my boyfriend always bleeds every time we do it. How to Clean Your Home for the Holidays.