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Celebrities amal clooney biggest role model women empowerment

celebrities amal clooney biggest role model women empowerment

Here are some inspiring celebrity female role models for women that we trail of empowerment behind them, but still have lots more to accomplish She's a major fashionista, and has had deals with Puma and Nike and .. But Amal Clooney is way more than movie star's wife with a good sense of fashion.
Speaking at the Texas Conference For Women at the Austin Convention Role model: Amal spoke about her mother's achievements as she  Mangler: empowerment.
Amal Clooney's women's rights speech is as empowering as you She told the crowd of her role model, her mother, who she described as "a working woman and With all due respect to @GeorgeClooney, his wife is the really big star. 25 Celebrities Who Have Apologized for Disappointing Fans.