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Forums multihulls sheet lead angle .

forums multihulls sheet lead angle .

Does anyone - Daniel have similar views on the best angle for jib fairleads. Certainly other boats do not sheet anywhere as near as that, but there are But because the jib lead is down on the floor, maybe the effective angle is not quite as tight Keelboat news and development · Dinghy multihulls · Maxi  Trim lines on jib clew - Yachts and Yachting Online.
All I have been able to find regarding sheet lead angle is to bissect the angle of the leech and the foot. Is this the correct or best method? bax  Trimaran Jib Sheet Setup.
One of the factors in this sail angle is the cut of the Jib. Remember that the real sheeting angle is taken from the clew, not from the sheet block. on monohulls which has led to the erroneous impression that multihulls do not.

Forums multihulls sheet lead angle . - leave

We went sailing in the Solent in perfect wind conditions for reefing research. Safety Equipment On Multihulls. This is particularly true of lightweights and catamarans, but less so for heavy displacement long-keelers. Where do you sail? Use these forums to connect with sailors in your area and plan your sailing. When the headsail is half-furled, the slot between the sails is much bigger, so you can ease off the traveller or mainsheet The big thing to remember is that, with less genoa overlap assuming it has been partly rolled , and a more open slot, the mainsail can be eased out significantly.

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Forums multihulls sheet lead angle . 893
DSC V DA COVER LEVEL . Location: Chesapeake Bay I knew I forgot to mention a couple of details after my last post. Everything, therefore points towards reefing the main early and deeply and then fine-tuning the total sail area with the genoa. For a headsail change we use a temporary sheet led through the car then to a coachroof winch. California - Los Angeles. Share Topic Printable Version Delicious Digg Facebook Furl Google MySpace Newsvine reddit StumbleUpon Translate Twitter Windows Live Yahoo Bookmarks     Topic Search    Topic Options Post Reply Create New Topic. Enter your email address below to receive a monthly email newsletter from YM.
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Forums multihulls sheet lead angle . 96
forums multihulls sheet lead angle .