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The 38 cm SK C /34 naval gun was developed by Germany mid to late It armed the Bismarck-class battleships and was planned as the armament of the O -class battlecruisers and the re-armed Scharnhorst-class battleships. Six twin- gun mountings were also sold to the Soviet Union and it was This gun was mounted in pairs in the Drh. L. C /34e turret which allowed.
The 15 cm SK C /28 was a German, medium-caliber, naval gun used during the Second World This gun was designed as a smaller and lighter version of the 15 cm SK C /25 guns used as the The Drh. LC /34 twin-gun mount was the most common mount for the gun in the Kriegsmarine. The 15 cm Sprgr L /4.5 Bd Z m.
Vi utökar vår verksamhet i Stockholm och söker C -programmerare. .. Summer Internship Software Developer, Microsoft . interest in new perspectives and ideas in solving the big problems in l. Lund University was founded in 1666 and is regularly ranked as one of the i C. Q Bemanning & Rekrytering AB.