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Opening a powder coating business what to consider first

opening a powder coating business what to consider first

Start a High Profit Powder Coating Business for Under - Kindle edition by and support you have given me during these first months of my new business.
If a metal fabricator decides to look at powder coating in more detail, management should realize that First, the parts are cleaned thoroughly before a conversion coating is applied. Again, this is connected to line speed and part opening. Many leasing companies are comfortable with powder systems.
What it takes to get started powder coating really depends on what your goals are. It's quite possible to powder coat in your garage with hobby. I'm not shitting you. I had heard from some people that it was no big deal. From what I have found out so far there is a lot invovled to do it right. Dameon, your first couple of small parts are free. Now as one of the few women I know of in the powder coating business, I have my own shop and just bought a new KCI pro gun from A convection oven big enough to bake a bike frame will cost an arm and a leg to buy or build and will be totally non profitable unless filled with a lot of other small items to soak up all the heat you will be making.
opening a powder coating business what to consider first How to Start a Powder Coating Business