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Ps tales from space about a blob

ps tales from space about a blob

Demo of a Game currently on Discount on the PSN About a Blob fun puzzle game well worth a spend!.
Summary: Tales from Space: About a Blob is a game about a race of alien blobs that land on an Earth-like planet and start eating everything.
This is some direct capture footage of the Lab Level from Tales from Space: About A Blob. The game is still. Website terms of use. A ravenous alien blob has mysteriously landed on Earth, and he needs your help. Rather, as you progress, it becomes a test of coordination: using the blob's different powers to solve puzzles and move around areas, dodging lasers or moving platforms around, often using them to punt the blob around as if it were a pinball. You might even find the odd cow or bale of hay to snack on, providing you're big enough to handle it. Tales from Space: About a Blob. Please enter your birth date to watch this video:. Local - Co-Op of Players.

Ps tales from space about a blob - hus

You Are What You Eat. The puzzles are always fun and challenging without being frustrating. In a few of them you guide your blob around like a marble on a Labyrinth-inspired board, trying not to fall in any holes. You won't be able to pass through to the next level until you're big, strong and scary enough to tackle the surprises that are in store. Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. CGR Undertow - TALES FROM SPACE: MUTANT BLOBS ATTACK review for Xbox 360
ps tales from space about a blob