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Showthread. How do I adjust Slide Topper

showthread. How do I adjust Slide Topper

I have been enduring a flapping slideout topper since I had it giving it a turn or two. you will have to take it loose from the slideout and give it.
I can find only one thread on the subject and it seems to be focused more on awnings. My full slide topper tends to collect rain and flaps in high.
Looking for a topper /flail which will go through grass, rushes, Our one is rear mounted and not off set but you can slide it in and out by.

Showthread. How do I adjust Slide Topper - vil

Switch to Threaded Mode. The other three toppers I have are shorter and do not pool water. After getting back home, I made a appointment to have them installed at Pocono RV in Wind Gap Pa. Find More Posts by Pappydude. With the slide out, should you be able to kinda lift the side of the awning up alittle? Someone suggested they put a beach ball up between the slide roof and the topper if you want it to drain. MOC REGIONAL CAMPING CLUBS. They had heard of a "wedge" of some kind but had no knowledge of where to find it. By goldenbetty in forum Heartland General Forum. It is not authorized or endorsed by the Keystone RV Company and is not affiliated showthread. How do I adjust Slide Topper the Keystone RV Company or its related companies in any way. Thanks a bunch, John. They did Ok execpt for the main slide awning collecting some we will use the beach ball have observed what can collect on top of the harris county houston assessments . without the toppers and I could not see ole lazy me climing up there everytime we retracted the slides to clean them were an expensive option but if it makes life and camping checkbook is out. What Topper to go for? [VIDEO] code is On. Replacing an RV Slide Topper — "Alternate Method"