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Uploads anatomy of the rectum and anal canal.

uploads anatomy of the rectum and anal canal.

The function of the anus is to transmit faeces from the rectum to the Before joining the anal canal, the rectum becomes dilated to form the.
ANATOMY OF THE RECTUM AND ANAL CANAL. Part of "CHAPTER 50 - ANORECTAL DISORDERS". Rectum. The rectum extends from the.
The demarcation between the rectum above and the anal canal below is the anorectal ring or anorectal flexure, where the puborectalis muscle. uploads anatomy of the rectum and anal canal.

Uploads anatomy of the rectum and anal canal. - det

Others can see my Clipboard. The author believes that it should be called anal skin anoderm , as it looks like pigmented skin, is sensitive like skin why a fissure-in-ano is very painful , and is keratinized but does not have skin appendages. Sign up to view the full version. No bony attachment — inserted into perineal body. See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Lower section: inferior rectal artery internal iliac. Moreover, the proposal that the puborectalis is a part of the external sphincter A. Is — Inter-sphincteric fist. Ano-rectal junction in male. Several vertical mucosal folds, the anal formerly called rectal columns, are usually visible in the upper half of the canal fig. Clots are the hemorrhoids. The superficial part, situated above the subcutaneous division, is attached to the perineal body and coccyx. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. University of Central Florida.